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Ston3r1 media

”SToN3R1” logo shirt

My ”SToN3R1” shirt is online for purchasing with 100% of Proceeds going to local Small Independent Businesses. NEW SOUND PICTURES SHIRT AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED […]

$20 Tucson 100 days ago

FIVE reasons why it’s the perfect time to grow cannabis

1- the government has already ordered you to stay at home for the coming weeks. 2- Save money growing exactly what you want. 3- You […]

$ 102 days ago

Its too hot to wear clothes and smoke

My hands were literally so sweaty, I could barely roll a joint

$ 103 days ago

Cannabis CEO Pens Letter To Trump – Release Pot Inmates

The CEO of, Brad McLaughlin, wrote an open letter this week to Donald Trump, AG William Barr, Governor Gavin Newsom, Senators Kamala Harris and […]

$ 105 days ago