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Acapulco Gold is a Sativa-dominant landrace cannabis strain originating from Mexico. It’s been backcrossed and stabilized by Barney’s Farm through their vigorous selection and breeding process to create a plant with exquisite coffee, wood, and lemon flavors and a highly euphoric and energetic high. If you’re looking for a pure Sativa effect, no need to look further – you’ve found it!

For this particular phenotype of Acapulco Gold marijuana seeds it’s been backcrossed and stabilized by Barney’s Farm through their polished selection and breeding process – consistency plant to plant guaranteed.

The yield of Acapulco Gold seeds is plentiful for both indoor and outdoor weed gardens, reaching 700g/m2 (2,6oz/ft2) or 1500g (3.3 pounds) per plant respectively.

The effect of Acapulco Gold is highly energetic, uplifting, and cerebral, leaving you focused and alert – an excellent strain to use throughout the day. A small hit before starting a big project will make time fly and any mundane task feel fun. Acapulco Gold is also great for parties and socializing, as it will give you enough energy to last until dawn.

THC and CBD level
Acapulco Gold marijuana seeds produce weed plants with a complex cannabinoid content. The level of THC is quite high and holds at around 21%, while CBD and CBN are at 0,7% and 1% respectively.

Smell and Taste
The terpenes of Acapulco Gold are as vibrant as Mexico itself, where this cannabis strain originates – citrusy, sweet, and creamy flavor with hints of decadent coffee and fragrant wood. Users will also notice an equally ensnaring pungent aromas of earthy, musky, and spicy notes with piney and sweet undertones.

Growing Acapulco Gold Strain Seeds
A typical Sativa type grow, Acapulco Gold feminized prefers warmer and sunnier climates and outdoor greenhouses, but it can also be grown indoor just as effectively with temperatures and light schedules dialed in. She can take any kind of training you throw at her and has decent resistance against mold, mildew, pests, and disease.

Normally, Acapulco Gold stays around 120cm (3’11”) of height, but if given enough root space and time in vegetation, it can grow up to 200cm (6’5”) tall. The buds are lengthy and fat, with orange, red, and golden pistils covered with crystals.

This feminized strain’s flowering time is 9-10 weeks indoors or by mid-October outdoors.
12 plants/m2 are recommended in SoG.
The optimal container size for abundant root system development is 35L+ (7gal+).
Medical Properties of Acapulco Gold Marijuana Seeds
Sativa-dominant profile of feminized Acapulco Gold strain of weed is perfect for treating anxiety and issues related to inability to focus.

Acapulco Gold Seeds For Sale
Acapulco Gold seeds for sale are available at Herbies – you can easily buy them from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you are in the world. We provide quick and stealth delivery worldwide, including our customers from the USA and the UK.

Barney’s Farm
Flowering type
Suitable for
Suitable for
Insidious high
Central American
Sativa Cup Winner 2010
100 – 110 cm indoors
200 cm outdoors
500 g/m² indoors
1500 g/plant outdoors
Flowering indoors
60 – 70 days
Outdoor finish
Mid October
70% Sativa / 30% Indica
21 %
0.7 %
1 %

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