A medical marijuana (MMJ) caregiver provides healthcare assistance to a qualified MMJ patient by helping them obtain and administer marijuana treatments. Becoming a caregiver is particularly important for those administering care to patients who can not manage their own treatment, such as parents whose children need marijuana for medicinal purposes, or for those providing care for seriously ill cancer patients

If you want to learn how to become a medical marijuana caregiver, our team at Arizona Natural Selections is happy to help you. We are passionate about helping Arizona residents become caregivers because we want your loved ones to have access to the medical treatments they need.

How to Become a Qualified Caregiver in Arizona
Until recently, the position of MMJ caregiver was not well known in the state of Arizona. Now, with millions of people across the state using cannabis as part of healthcare treatment, the role is becoming much more prominent.

A caregiver is a trusted person who will help a patient administer medical treatments as needed. He or she may be involved in helping the patient smoke, vape, ingest or apply oils. Many MMJ patients require their treatments on a daily basis for maximum effect, so having assistance from others can be very beneficial.

You might expect that such a caregiver has to be a certified home health aide, but that’s not the case. Although caregivers are not required to have detailed medical training, they do need to fill out certain paperwork.

MMJ Caregivers Help Patients in Need
According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, an Arizona resident can be the designated caregiver for a maximum of five patients. The caregiver will receive a separate card for each qualifying patient. Each one of the patients that a caregiver plans to help must submit paperwork to the state of Arizona.

To be named as a caregiver after a patient designates you, you must first complete a Designated Caregiver application. The application is processed by the Arizona Department of Health Services and it can be performed online.

The would-be caregiver must submit a great deal of information to the state, including:

First name, last name, birth date, gender and Social Security number

Residential address, county of residence, phone number, and email

A current photograph (aged no more than 60 days before application)

A copy of the caregiver’s driver’s license, ID card or U.S. passport

A signed and dated Medical Marijuana Caregiver Attestation form

Fingerprints and a fully completed Fingerprint Verification Form.

Once you’ve sent over all of the necessary information, give the authorities four to six weeks to process and respond to your application. If you are accepted, you will be provided with a caregiver card to identify you as qualified to work with a particular patient.

If You Want to be a Caregiver, Arizona Natural Selections Can Help
Becoming a MMJ caregiver in Arizona is an involved process, but it’s undoubtedly worth it. Not only do you have the opportunity to help someone you care about, but you may be permitted to cultivate a small amount of medical marijuana under specific circumstances.



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