How to Make a Gravity Bong


We have all been there, times of trouble where you want to smoke but have nothing to smoke with. The apple just doesn’t do it for you anymore so you want to try so~~~~ing new. A personal favorite is the gravity bong, not only is it easy to make but it is a great way to take big hits without wasting precious lung space or weed! A gravity bong can be made out of some commonly found household items just make sure you clean them well. Let’s get into the basics behind the crowd favorite, a gravity bong.

The first thing you will need to do is grab some materials.


A large basin filled with water, I’m using a regular 5 gallon bucket but you can use whatever you have laying around the house.
A bottle of some sort, as big as you want as long as it is smaller than your basin filled with water. I’m using a two liter soda bottle.
A bowl piece of some kind. I like to use a glass or metal bowl piece because they are sturdy and don’t feel as dirty and gross as using aluminum foil, but if you are in a pickle foil may be your best bet.
A lighter, hemp wick, matches, any fire. I like using the long barbecue lighter because you are less likely to burn yourself.
On optional tool is a ping pong ball. Use it if you have it, trust me you’ll thank me later.
Most importantly, weed! This is what we are all here for, grab your flower of choice to smoke up.

1. To start you will need to cut off the bottom of your bottle, I cut the bottom off my soda bottle and set it to the side.

2. Take the bucket and fill it with enough water that the bottle can almost fully submerge inside just leaving the top to stick out two inches or so.

3. Take your glass/metal bowl piece and place it at the top of the bottle, sometimes I use aluminum foil to wrap the bottom of the bowl to create a good airlock at the top of the bottle and can still be easily removed, which is optimal for this kind of tool.

4. Place the ping pong ball inside the bottle in the water. No one wants water in their mouth, a bucket of bong water is not fun to taste. So, as you inhale and push the bottle down you never have to worry about getting water in your mouth because the ping pong ball will prevent the top from letting water get through, trust me this is the best way to prevent water from getting in your mouth.

5. Pack your bowl, put it on top of your bottle and light it up. The lighting process is what is so great about this ~~~~od, you do not have to use up lung space. When you put the bowl on top of the bottle and start lighting you must simultaneously pull the bottle up. What happens is gravity keeps the water down and creates a vacuum that allows the smoke to start collecting inside the bottle. Once you have pulled it and collected the size hit you want, take off the bowl piece and push the bottle down as you inhale, a great experience.

Gravity bongs are one of our favorite ways to smoke because they are less work for the lungs and you can get huge hits without really having to use much effort. Do not be fooled these things can get the best of you. Good luck making one yourself and now you know if you are in dire need, with just a few simple steps, a gravity bong is always available to create.



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