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The energizing boost of the Sativa hybrid, Original Cinderella Auto by FastBuds, will have you staying up past midnight, smiling and dancing the night away. The tallest Sativa Auto yet, this strain grows as tall as 120cm outdoors while remaining compact and high yielding with magical yields of up to 550g/m² (1.8oz/ft2). The perfect creative cerebral high for starting a new project, or pulling you out of a dark space, this princess is reliable any time of the day.

Original Cinderella Auto Strain Info
A well-balanced hybrid strain offering 65% Sativa and 35% Indica, Original Cinderella Auto is a strain from a fairytale, offering wonderful effects, divine flavors and aromas, and an old-school heritage crafted by some of the most talented breeders, FastBuds.

With a family tree going back generations and including some of the most well-loved strains in history, this strain has an almost royal lineage. Branching out from Cinderella 99 and FB Fem Auto #12, her elite breeding combines the heritage of strains like Original Haze, Northern Lights #5, and Shiva Skunk.

Flowering time
Her tall, yet full-figured body grows and forms, with a yield of fluffy buds ready in a flower time of just 8-9 short weeks.

A well-bred hybrid, her soft, elongated buds remain dense and glossy offering incredible yields with a harvest of up to 550g/m2 (1.8oz/ft2) indoors and 160g (5oz) per plant outdoors.

You can expect the most delightfully enchanting effects from this Sativa dominant hybrid, offering a creative and energizing cerebral buzz that keeps you focused and uplifted for hours on end. With the input of Indica, the high is beautifully rounded off with a slight relaxing floatiness.

THC and CBD level
Her lovely head high and powerful potency is thanks to a THC percentage of up to 23%, and CBD content lower than 1%.

Smell and Taste
Complimenting this strain’s effects is a cocktail party of terpenes, introduced with a delicious tropical pineapple and peach flavor. This sweet greeting of flavors is tamed by a pine aroma with skunk undertones to blend the experience together like a dream.

Grow Tips
Growing bushy and well-filled, Original Cinderella Auto reaches heights of 120cm (3’11”) outdoors while still managing to stay discrete. Her dark green buds grow thick with elongated calyxes and increasingly browning hairs. When she is ready, be prepared to wipe the drool from your mouth when you see her icing-sugar-coated, sweet-smelling buds shimmering in the sunshine. For the best results growing this strain, follow this simple grow info:

Although this is a trouble-free plant to grow, feed her with adequate cannabis-specific nutrients to ensure proper development and the best yields.
Because this strain grows long with heavy buds, make sure to offer support to each side branch to avoid the branches snapping under the weight.
Original Cinderella Auto Seeds
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