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All Clones / Seed Starts from May & June

My name is James Morgan . Leave message if no answer or ad me on Snapchat . I will respond asap.

Text +1 (401) 4020-836

Wickr app//morgan247


at Mid-Arizona Clones:
Menu as of May 19, 2022:

White Widow Skunk
Purple Kush
Purple Punch
Fruity Pebbles
Great White Shark
All Plants are 1-4 ft ALREADY!
$30-$50 Each
Grow a MONSTER Outdoors or take’em into flower Now.
All Seed Starts were started in 1/2 gallon or 1 gallon containers using Mother Earths Coco Coir using Current Culture Products.
All plants are treated with only Captain Jacks Neem Oil.

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