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For anyone searching for an unlimited source of joy and relaxation, we present to you Barney’s Farm’s Runtz Muffin strain. Explore the possibilities of the feelings available to you as your perception spectrum grows after just a couple of tokes of this cream, cookies, and fruit-flavored dessert strain. Runtz Muffin can be used throughout the day, relaxing both your body and mind without necessarily making you tired or lazy.

Breaking Down The Runtz Muffin Genetic Code
This muffin’s batter is a complex one, made of three outstanding genetics, each of which elevates the recipe to a level unreachable for the competition. Runtz Muffin is the result of breeding Zkittlez together with Gelato #33 for the cookie-like flavors, but there’s also a share of Barney’s Farm’s Orange Punch for increased potency and production.

Effects: Tension Relief, Inside And Out
The potent yet not overwhelming effects of Runtz Muffin, powered by the extreme 29% THC, covers you with a warm, soft blanket of coziness and safety. This cannabis strain provides a quick onset of euphoria and a sweet escape from everyday stress and worries. Keep the intake under control, and you can enjoy the ultimate tension relief throughout the entire day.

Runtz Muffin effects
Runtz Muffin weed effects
Runtz Muffin strain effects
Effects of Runtz Muffin
Runtz Flavors: A Syrupy-Sweet Delicacy
The unique combination of sweet parent strains results in a warm, nostalgia-inducing flavor of freshly baked cookies. Smooth hits of cream, lavender, and tropical fruit amp up the overall relaxing feel of Runtz Muffin. The inhales and exhales are perfectly balanced, with a distinctive sweetness coming through with every puff, and which last even longer – this dessert will linger on your palate even after you’ve put your bowl away.

Flowering Time And Growing Tips
Besides Runtz Muffin’s sky-high 29% THC levels, which not many cannabis strains can boast of, this cultivar is also a champion among high-yielding weed varieties. This tray of muffins is a big one and can make up to 1 kilo (2.2lbs) of sugary buds per plant when grown outdoors, and up to 600g/m2 (2oz/ft2) indoors.

The strain is easy to grow even for beginners.
It’s also a tall strain that reaches 120cm (4’) indoors and 200cm (6’5”) outdoors, so make sure to have enough room for all that growth.
The minimum advised length of vegetation is 4 weeks, followed by 8-9 weeks of flowering.
Pro tip: Runtz Muffin is able to produce purple hues in its buds. Lowering the temperatures slightly during the final week of flowering will help enhance the color range and improve the bag appeal.



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