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Magnet Fishing Tips For Success
When you hear about it for the first time, you're wondering what is magnetic fishing?
Magnetic fishing or magnetic fishing is, in short, an increasingly popular pastime. It is probably best compared to the probe. It is a matter of "fishing" things from water bodies, such as rivers and lakes, with a special magnet attached to a rope.
magnet fishing
Of course, magnet anglers with their super magnets hope to recover treasures such as gold, silver, coins, jewelry,etc. This is of course possible in some cases, but as with probes rather a rarity. Especially since most "interesting" things, such as jewelry and gold, are not metallic and therefore cannot be salvaged with a neodymium magnet. Magnetic fishing, in our opinion, is not necessarily about the finds. It is rather the tension during this, once the magnet is up, the voltage is often already gone.
If you are interested in the best and current finds, click here and see some interesting specimens. Even if a gold bullion is not recovered every time, the whole thing still has something positive. This is because the natural earth anglers free the waters from scrap metal and other metallic contaminators. And it's really unbelievable what can accumulate in the water over time.

Before you start straight away, make your way to the next bridge with your household magnet in your pocket, wait a little longer. Before you start, you should definitely read our beginner tips and tricks. This avoids the most common errors and avoids the risk of losing your magnet or the finds again. Also you should read our legal notices. However, this is all, all important that you should know beforehand which magnets you should use and which equipment you should take with you. Because with your magnet from home you won't get far and lift virtually nothing out of the water. Here you will find our (special) magnets, which are ideally suited for magnetic fishing.
Magnetic fishing is being practiced by many people in America. It's still hardly common in Germany, in other European countries such as Poland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and especially Russia there are already some who share their finds on YouTube for example. But also in Germany a small community has formed. There, treasures, as well as tips and tricks are shared in the forum.


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