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    During the preliminary study
    According into the marketing approach (Kotler in addition to Armstrong 2004), it is important for any planning associated with the services to be offered by the marina (as well as by some other organization) – to get started with a knowledge of typically the needs and desires associated with the target audience. In this kind of way, it will turn out to be possible to supply the requirements of the target market place in a manner that will will satisfy the idea.
    Through the course of the particular preliminary investigation (Raviv, 2001), which evaluated customer fulfillment with the services on the marinas in Israel, owners of sailing vessels ended up questioned about the mixture of services given in the marina. Using a good factor analysis, we located 6-8 factors that explain 69 percent of the particular differences of all items that comprised the particular questionnaire (see Appendix The for often the detailed results of the particular factor analysis). The variables were:
    Safety and seriousness, value of parking, value of new member club, environment protection plus cleanness, crowding, ease of accessibility, together with use of details.
    The first factor, protection and seriousness, was comprised of often the using objects in often the questionnaire: Professionalism and reliability of yacht club employees, information of costa employees, service shown by simply employees, security of riva as some sort of place to be able to leave boats, safe practices involving marina as a place of amusement, and compliance together with protection guidelines at yacht club.
    The second factor is usually the associated with parking. The particular factor includes the following items: Distance through marina, view from the costa, parking in the locality with the marina, and selling price of membership on marina.
    The third factor is definitely value of members pub and it comes with this following goods: Use regarding cranes, social surroundings in marina, gas stop in marina, and associates membership.
    The fourth factor is usually environmental protection and personal hygiene of the costa. That element includes the next items: Simpli city of services supplied at the yacht club, hygiene of the water along with the ports, cleanliness and use of showers, environmental protection with the marina, and the environmental protection in the places surrounding the marina.
    This last factor within the mathematics of the findings can be ease of access plus utilization of information. This issue consists of the following goods: Ease of accessibility with regard to website visitors, ease of admittance for use of flotta facilities, and informational guides in regards to the marina.
    It is important to stress that the perception of riva expert services presented above shows client opinion, while the analysis by itself relates to often the perception of the managers.
    This questionnaire details from typically the flow chart are available in Appendix C.
    The above shows that there are various aspects the fact that identify marina services from other discretion activities or maybe various other expert services. This uniqueness is not necessarily in any single object, but in the entire basket connected with services in addition to the various points of importance provided simply by marina shoppers.
    Like a golf course, the particular yacht club is perceived as a new sports venue from the upper class. Therefore, the behaviors displayed at well-known sports are certainly not appropriate in marinas. As well like golf courses, marinas are regarded as a new sports and leisure location. Both of these kind of places emphasize nice plus clean landscaping (views).
    As opposed to golf courses, the vast majority of views at a marina are certainly not close and are not maintained solely by membership supervision. Another difference from world of golf is seen in the equipment and even stuff required for sailing, which usually without proper care may dirty the view.
    That is reasonable for you to suppose that customers expect riva management to ensure the fact that the view is clean, despite the equipment and substance present there.
    This poses a unique challenge to help services provision at marinas. Another unique challenge (perhaps distributed to motor sports throughout another way) is typically the need for safety measures.
    Golf club members place valuable tools in the hands involving the marina. Without suitable security, it might become stolen or ruined. That can, therefore, be presumed that a yacht club associate will expect there for you to be ideal safety measures and safety preparations in position.
    Another unique characteristic will be that while different activities or leisure routines can be executed to satisfaction in 1 place, marina members might anticipate the marina to be able to enable them to take a trip to other marinas, as is the case around the travel industry. Subsequently, the idea can be found that marinas, when viewed as a sports/leisure activity have got characteristics related to various other sports/leisure routines, given the overall attributes and the unique details of stress, the flotta is a new venue for sports/leisure activity of some sort of different type. It can be a “whole other baseball game. ”
    Today, soon after having determined this individuality of the marina program and getting provided the setting to understand the marketing and service quality, the next question that begs requesting regards value for income for marina shoppers.


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