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Why Performance Reviews Are A "Bumpy Road" To Employee Engagement
Graphs aren't fluff. Despite the fact that you can go free-for-all with colors, pies, bars, kooky car dashboard style guages and background images, there some good reasons a person shouldn't. Above all else, you try to be sure that your graphs display business performance measures in a way that makes it clear to you what is going on on, whether for you to do something.

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Well with some bit more research, you can. If you now select the "AdGroup" tab, you can set up another performance graph showing the relationship of ad position against cost-per-conversion.

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In the end, a performance post on an IT worker could very well be as much about your manager sees the worker as it's about how the worker has actually performed. It doesn't really seem fair, now does one?

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Any performance review can only study the impact a system has on individual. My example is rather simplistic. Imagine evaluating a Senior Leader with hundreds of employees, with economic issues, competitive pressures, and multiple complex projects under his/her induce. How can any performance review possibly evaluate the performance of this distinct? It can't. It can only judge (with a grade) the emotional reaction (emotional intelligence) of your companion in the face of challenging circumstances and rising pressures to perform. Actually all the performance review can do then let's let them know. Let's change its purposes.


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